Swiss Marketplace Group relocates to Fribourg’s Bluefactory in 2024

SMG Swiss Marketplace Group SA, a trailblazer in online markets and digital solutions, announces its relocation from Flamatt to Fribourg. The move, set for autumn 2024, will see its 160 employees settling into modern offices at the innovative Bluefactory site.

Positioned at the center of Fribourg’s historic landscape, Bluefactory offers an innovative fusion of past heritage with a future-driven vision.
Positioned at the center of Fribourg’s historic landscape, Bluefactory offers an innovative fusion of past heritage with a future-driven vision.

In a strategic move to enhance accessibility and meet the evolving needs of a post-COVID workforce, SMG Swiss Marketplace Group SA is relocating its headquarters to Fribourg. The decision marks a new chapter for the digital enterprise, born from the 2021 merger of Scout24 Suisse and TX Markets, which previously operated in Flamatt, Zurich, Zoug, and Lausanne. Approximately 160 employees will be transitioning to the new location on the Bluefactory site, located at Passage du Cardinal 5 in Fribourg, by the end of the third quarter of 2024.

Christoph Tonini, CEO and Board Delegate of SMG Swiss Marketplace Group, highlights the significance of this relocation: “The ideal geographic location of our new site caters to easier accessibility for our employees across Switzerland, especially from the French-speaking part. The pandemic has transformed professional infrastructure needs. Our choice of offices facilitates hybrid work, creating an attractive space that encourages employees to meet, reconnect, and collaborate in a stimulating environment.”

State Councilor Olivier Curty also expressed enthusiasm for SMG’s commitment to Fribourg: “We have long maintained an excellent collaboration with SMG Swiss Marketplace Group. After constructive discussions and a joint search for locations, SMG’s choice of Fribourg is a clear commitment to our economic site. It’s encouraging to see a digital pioneer like SMG support our prospects and contribute to the continuous development of Fribourg as an economic hub. Decisions like this strengthen our economy, aligning with the motto ‘Fribourg, the place to grow’.”

SMG Swiss Marketplace Group SA is an innovative European digital company that simplifies life with innovative products. Its portfolio spans four business areas: Real Estate, Automotive, General Marketplaces, and Finance & Insurance. Founded in November 2021 by TX Group AG, Ringier AG, La Mobilière, and General Atlantic, SMG has established itself as a leader in digital market solutions.

Bluefactory, where sustainable innovation meets vibrant economic activities

The Bluefactory site in Fribourg, where SMG will set its new base, is known for its sustainable innovation and vibrant economic activities, merging historical heritage with a future-focused vision. This strategic relocation further enhances Bluefactory’s reputation as a hub for forward-thinking companies.

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