Digitization: an opportunity for exporting SMEs and Switzerland as a business location

Everyone is talking about digitization. It is the driving force for new services and products that are changing the business models of exporting SMEs. The digital transformation is also helping Swiss companies tap into new markets. At the same time, Switzerland as a digital investment location offers excellent investment conditions for foreign companies.

Dossier Digitization

Swiss SMEs recognize the relevance of digitization. They can work more productively and create value more efficiently. They can use digital products to expand customer relationships and tap into new markets and sales channels – such as through e-commerce and digital marketing. Digital tools simplify market analysis or assessments of customer potential.

S-GE offers Swiss SMEs information, consultation and a global network on the topic of digital export. SMEs can receive practical tips through e-learning on the platform “Export Digital,” the joint initiative of S-GE and Google.

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Switzerland: Digitization as a locational advantage

Switzerland is one of the most competitive and innovative countries in the world. It has also made a name for itself as a digital business location. Not least thanks to its high educational standards, highly qualified workforce and close networking of research and business, international companies and tech firms including the internet giant Google have set up offices in Switzerland.

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Ideal conditions for digital initiatives

Country-wide initiatives such as digitalswitzerland bring together public authorities, companies and interest groups and influence the future of Switzerland as a digital location. Moreover, the Federal Council passed a digital strategy in 2016 and is creating optimum conditions. The strategy sets different priorities (business, data, exchange with other countries) and promotes dialog between public authorities, business, academia and research and civil society.

In this dossier you will find news, videos, info graphics and studies relating to digitization in an international context.

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