International e-commerce

The world is open to me online! It's true, but...

It all sounds so simple: open a web shop, translate content into English and the world is your oyster! If only there were no administrative, legal, regulatory and logistical requirements... And, actually, it all begins with the country selection. Country selection, you wonder? But whole world can shop on your website. And that’s precisely the advantage of e-commerce. Right! But that’s also precisely the challenge.

International E-Commerce

Every country has its own rules – also for online commerce. And if you’re selling a physical product, there are all the logistical aspects and customs requirements as well. Even if many of us would rather be taking care of our online marketing strategies, influencer ideas and attractive web designs right off the bat, it’s important not to forget all the preparatory work. How does the saying go? Put business before pleasure. This also applies to e-commerce.

So, what's the best course of action if you want to avoid legal difficulties or unexpected tax bills and make sure your goods don't get stuck at customs? First, consider which country you want to initially try out and gain experience with. Countries that are as similar as possible to your home market are most suitable, and these are usually your neighboring countries. Now it’s time do some homework.

The topics of international e-commerce

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