Switzerland Innovation Parks

Switzerland Innovation’s technology parks are the ideal location for research-oriented companies to develop their next groundbreaking or highly profitable product.

Scientist working with a robot hand.
©ETH Zürich

"Switzerland Innovation", the agency of Switzerland’s innovation parks, offers technology companies space to cooperate with leading international universities, including the prestigious Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology (ETH Zurich and EPF Lausanne), and to use research results to develop marketable products and services. Switzerland Innovation thrives off of interdisciplinary cooperation between science and industry, which opens up new ways of marketing for a new era. Switzerland thus lives up to its reputation as the most innovative country in the world.

Innovation Focus Areas
Switzerland Innovation focuses on five innovation focus areas: health and life sciences, mobility and transportation, energy, the environment and natural resources, manufacturing and production, and computer and computational science. Each of these fields is a breeding ground for the development of a broad range of innovations that benefit society in areas such as robotics, artificial intelligence, space, nanotechnology, materials research, additive manufacturing, diagnostics, cancer treatments or renewable energy.

Target Audience
The strategic position of Switzerland Innovation at the forefront of global research attracts many highly innovative businesses. The target audience consists of:

  • Medium-sized and large technology companies that develop new marketable products, services, and processes. 
  • Established companies from high-tech industries with a high value-added ratio and a clear focus on research and development and innovation activities. 
  • Research groups, the research and development teams of corporations, and start-ups.

A wide range of services and excellent research infrastructure have been specifically designed to ensure the full potential and operational effectiveness of R&D staff and innovation cells at Switzerland Innovation. This includes, among others: 

  • Support for cooperation with world-class academic partners and easy access to the best talent and researchers. 
  • A network of thriving high-tech start-ups and spin-offs. 
  • A platform for the exchange of ideas and for partnering with the research and development teams of international companies. – Industrial liaison officers who help R & D personnel to expand their options. 
  • Approximately 200,000 square meters of high-quality laboratories, offices, conference rooms and co-working spaces; large research institutions with accelerator facilities.
  • A business-friendly and politically stable environment; access to research funding from Switzerland and the EU; very high quality of life that is attractive to top talents and their families.