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Get ready to leverage Switzerland’s leading position in advanced production processes and longstanding tradition of excellence and artisanship. Do you want to know more?

Thanks to its established watch and engineering industries, Switzerland has developed a highly industrialized precision cluster specialized in advanced air aviation, drones and sensor technology. Are you ready to leverage Switzerland’s leading position in advanced production processes? Get in touch to learn about testing sites and specialized facilities, access to top talent and the globally renowned “Swiss Made” label, symbolizing a longstanding tradition of excellence and artisanship. 





Develop partnerships to scale your business

Switzerland has an exceptional supplier network in the precision engineering industry, including both hardware and for high-tech production processes. Looking for a particular part for your product? You can be sure to find a niche supplier in Switzerland. 

Research and innovation centers like NEST by Empa allow the testing and developing of technologies and materials and support innovative companies like yours in the implementation of ideas. Innovation parks like Innovaare, that places an emphasis on Photonics with technologies like smart sensor and electronics, high-tech design and quality control tools, and institutes like the Paul Scherrer Institute support companies with collaboration opportunities, technology and knowledge transfer and networking. 


Enjoy a safe and innovative legal framework

Switzerland has a robust legal system, advanced cybersecurity measures, a strong focus on privacy protection and intellectual property laws, and progressive regulations. These regulations, along with various government programs and incentives, promote innovation and research, ensure safety and security, and allow your company to test and deploy advanced technologies. 

Did you know that Switzerland is a leader in shaping drone regulations? Switzerland plays an active role in defining global regulations that will ultimately allow drones to successfully integrate in the airspace.


Collaborate pragmatically with leading research institutes

Switzerland is home to various testing sites and research centers tailored to the needs of the automation industry. These facilities play a pivotal role in enabling companies like yours to research, develop and test automation technologies. They include a wide array of urban test settings, as well as both military and civilian airfields, airports, heliports, and specialized real-world testing grounds for drone operators. 

The Swiss Battery Technology Center provides companies with end-to-end system development, offering applied R&D, prototyping, testing facilities for energy production and storage. The Swiss Smart Manufacturing Center assists companies in finding the technology that fits their needs and offers testing and demonstration infrastructure so innovation projects can successfully enter the market.


Attract and retain the best people

Switzerland has a tradition in precision engineering, a skill set stemming from the watch-making industry that developed in Switzerland in the 16th century. The "Swiss Made" label is a globally respected marker that is synonymous with elevated precision, reliability and attention to detail throughout the design and manufacturing process. It serves as a testament to a longstanding tradition of excellence and artisanship that has persevered across generations and continues to shape standards of quality and dedication to this day. 

If your company works in high-tech production, you can benefit from Switzerland’s vocational training programs, which generate technicians, quality control and other trade professionals with great work ethics and high standards. This provides the basis for an excellent workforce at your production sites. 



Use resources responsibly to meet current needs without jeopardizing those of future generations: this is how start-ups, scale-ups and corporations approach sustainability in Switzerland. We would like to show Switzerland’s impact in sustainability with the following example in this Ecosystem: An aviary for drone research in the NEST research and innovation building at the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, located in Dübendorf in the canton of Zurich.

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Success Stories

Success Stories

Advanced Manufacturing

“More than 80 years later, we have not forgotten that we were one of the first startups in the world”

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has a very long history in Switzerland. Its Geneva office was built in 1968 as one of HPE’s very first offices in Europe. In Switzerland, the global tech leader finds the right environment to help companies boost their innovation capabilities while protecting their data in a safe environment.

Advanced Manufacturing

Merck : “Switzerland offers attractive and stable conditions for international companies.“

Science and technology leader Merck has been in Switzerland for almost a century. Today it has eight sites, including five manufacturing facilities, and in the last two years the company has invested a further EURO 418 million in new production capacity. Christiane von der Eltz, General Manager and Managing Director at Merck Switzerland AG, talks with us about why Merck regards Switzerland as a strong, strategic, and ever more attractive location for biotech.

Advanced Manufacturing

“The key part is access to a highly trained workforce in specialized areas”

IMA Automation Switzerland represents the central hub of the Italian IMA Group in the micro-assembly and medical devices industry. It is located in Switzerland, in the region of Neuchâtel/Bern, also known as the “Watch Valley”. IMA Group is the world leader in the design and manufacture of automatic machines for the processing and packaging of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, tea and coffee.

Advanced Manufacturing

European Headquarters and Tech Hub in Rotkreuz

Align Technology is a leading medical device company in the dental industry with headquarters in California and over 17,000 employees worldwide. It has set the bar for leadership and change in dental industry by constantly innovating to bring new and better solutions to doctors and their patients. To further expand and develop their products, the company moved its regional headquarters from Amsterdam to Rotkreuz. The new office with over 150 employees opened in January 2020 and will also serve as R&D hub.

Ecosystem Switzerland

Ecosystem Switzerland

Swiss Smart Factory

The Swiss Smart Factory’s vision is to become Switzerland’s leading, internationally recognised centre of competence in application-oriented research and transfer of Industry 4.0. With every project we make, we expand our ecosystem of partners and knowledge that benefits all participants in the fourth industrial revolution.

The Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA)

The Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) is responsible for monitoring civil aviation in Switzerland and aviation development. It is responsible for ensuring that civil aviation in Switzerland has a high safety standard and one that it is in keeping with sustainable development. 

Drone Industry Association Switzerland (DIAS)

The Drones Industry Association Switzerland (DIAS) represents, supports and promotes its members who offer and export drone-related products and services from Switzerland. DIAS embraces the safe use of drones and seeks to accelerate the acceptance and adoption of drones.

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