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Sustainability has become an indispensable issue that is of central importance for companies in all sectors as well as for Switzerland as a business location. Sustainability is therefore a key customer requirement at S-GE. More still: with all its activities and its network, S-GE intends to actively contribute to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Swiss Federal Agenda 2030. 

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The environmental, social, and economic aspects of sustainability are both a challenge and an opportunity for internationally active companies. A challenge due to the increase of societal demands and legal requirements. An opportunity, as companies with a sustainable orientation gain competitive advantages and become more resilient to crises. S-GE wants to support its customers as best as possible in the area of sustainability and is constantly adapting its services to new customer needs.


  • S-GE sensitizes its customers to sustainability aspects in international business during consultations 

  • Companies receive targeted information on regulatory requirements via S-GE 

  • S-GE identifies and facilitates business opportunities for Swiss sustainability solutions 

  • Business partners abroad: S-GE supports the search for a partner and ensures sustainability criteria 

  • Network: S-GE gives companies easy access to sustainability experts abroad 

Sustainability in international business

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S-GE Sustaiability in Investment Promotion


As a technology and innovation location, Switzerland is predestined for the development and commercialization of sustainable solutions. S-GE wants to strengthen Switzerland as a leading location for sustainable solutions and focuses on targeted promotional activities.


  • S-GE specifically identifies companies that focus on sustainability and thus optimally complement the Swiss technology and innovation ecosystem  

  • The assessment of sustainability aspects is a key part of the due diligence of interested foreign companies  

  • Together with its partners, S-GE markets Switzerland abroad as a sustainability hub 

S-GE as an organisation


In their operational activities, i.e. in their day-to-day work, corporate culture, and cooperation with partners, S-GE and its employees place a special focus on the environmental, social, and economic aspects of sustainability.


  • S-GE minimizes the company’s own carbon footprint  

  • S-GE takes specific sustainability criteria into account when procuring products and services for day-to-day business  

  • As an employer, S-GE ensures fair and safe working conditions and focuses on diversity and inclusion 

  • S-GE ensures ethical business practices and promotes transparency