Swiss Tech + Industries


Thanks to its long tradition in watchmaking and mechanical engineering, Switzerland has developed unique know-how in related fields such as robotics, precision manufacturing, or microelectronics. 

Employee checks an automated machine robot in a factory

Switzerland has the best hand when it comes to profiting from the fourth industrial revolution that will be driven by new developments in the technological sector. Its traditional strength in the field of mechanical engineering and precision manufacturing has formed the basis for top-notch research in the young field of robotics, attracting tech giants like Google, Facebook or industrial players who draw on the large pool of experts and talent. Because of its excellent technical universities, dynamic talent pool and experienced ecosystem, Switzerland has built a reputation as the “Silicon Valley of Robotics.”

Thanks to the innovation-friendly and pragmatic approach of Swiss regulators, Switzerland has been leading the way in shaping regulations for Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM). It is the first country in the world to have implemented a nationwide U-Space that has been tested live in Geneva in 2017. It is also the birthplace of SORA (Specific Operation Risk Assessment), a risk-based, non prescriptive drone regulation that is on its way to becoming a global standard. Because of a unique collaboration between industry and regulators, Switzerland offers companies an ideal setting to innovate, test and deploy their products in a real-world environment.



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