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Swiss professional training

The Swiss education system enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide.

Apprentices at Meyer Burger Technology AG

In a global comparison, the Swiss education system has topped the rankings in the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report for years. Switzerland’s internationally renowned academic education is supplemented by direct, practical apprenticeships – constituting a dual education system. Several hundred professions are geared towards the requirements of the economy and Switzerland ranks among the best countries in the world as far as the availability of highly qualified workers is concerned. 

Professional training courses last three to four years and focus on specialized qualifications that are actually in demand and in areas where jobs are available. Both the higher education study programs and apprenticeships offer an ideal mix of talent spanning theory and practice. The high quality of professional training is a central pillar of the Swiss economy’s innovation and performance, an economy offering interesting jobs and excellent opportunities for motivated and qualified professionals and executives.


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