Sonova puts trust in EMS-GRIVORY

Hearing aids place high demands on the materials used in their housings and covers. To meet these challenges, the hearing aid manufacturer Sonova deploys Grilamid TR produced by EMS-GRIVORY.

Hearing aid
The hearing aid manufacturer Sonova deploys Grilamid TR produced by EMS-GRIVORY. (Image credit: EMS-GRIVORY)

Low weight, perfect surface quality and good skin tolerance are among the properties a material used in hearing aids must fulfill, explained EMS-GRIVORY in a statement.

The materials used in their housings and coverings must be resistant to mechanical and chemical influences, while providing safe protection for the electronics inside the hearing aid for its whole working life.

Produced by the materials specialist headquartered in the Greater Zurich Area, Grilamid TR meets all these requirements.

It is resistant to perspiration, cosmetics and cleaning agents, and offers the toughness and impact strength necessary for hearing aids. 

The company from Graubünden also optimized the processability of its material. Producing the tiny components required for hearing aids in an injection moulding process can be linked to loss of quality with conventionally sized granules, according to the statement.

Grilamid TR can produce a smaller granule, however. This allows the material to “be introduced without problems and a processed into a reproducible, thermally very homogenous melt.”

Sonova, the hearing device manufacturer from the Greater Zurich Area, is among the companies using the Ems material. According to Ems, the material is also suitable for use in the medical technology, bio-technology and electro-technology sectors.

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