Switzerland leads economics league for expats

On the latest Expat Explorer survey conducted by HSBC Explorer Switzerland receives top marks for its economic system.

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Expats granted Switzerland best marks regarding economics.

The HSBC Expat Explorer survey has been issued annually for 10 years and is regarded as one of the largest independent global expat surveys. The overall league table ranks the countries and territories according to a summary on expat’s views on economics, experience and family life aspects in their host country. This year, more than 27,500 expats living across the world returned their questionnaires and rated their temporary homes.

Confidence in economy and politics

Expats granted Switzerland best marks regarding economics. It is the highest ranked country for confidence in the local economy and political stability. As a federal republic its political system is secure and balanced. Switzerland’s economy is highly regarded due to free competition and trade as well as the protection of intellectual property. As the domestic market is small Swiss companies have been forced to seek and cultivate abroad for a long time. Thus, its market and industries have strong international ties. Its positive economic climate and the democratic political system are among the main factors that Switzerland for nine consecutive years has been ranked the most competitive nation in the Global Competitiveness Report issued by the World Economic Forum.

Beyond work and business

Switzerland offers a high standard of living, where work, leisure time, innovation, creativity, family and recreation well go hand in hand. Urban hot spots and cultural life are close to nature and picturesque landscapes. It’s a great place for outdoor activities, in summer as well as in winter time. Thanks to an elaborate public transport system all places are well connected. Whether it be by train, bus or boat. Located in the heart of Europe all major European destinations are just a short trip away from Switzerland. In the HSBC Expat Explorer survey Switzerland placed 28th and 35th respectively, regarding experience and family life.

The high quality of living continuously grants Switzerland excellent marks in global rankings (read also: Zurich, Geneva and Basel among top 10 cities with highest quality of living worldwide) . This spring, for instance, Switzerland was ranked third among the top destination for relocation by Cartus.

To find out more about relocating to Switzerland consult our Handbook for Investors.


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