First tenant confirmed at Aargau innovation campus

Just one month after construction work started, the new innovation campus PARK INNOVAARE has already secured its first tenant. The biotech start-up LeadXpro has initially snapped up an area of 700 square meters.

Michael Hennig, CEO of leadXpro and Benno Rechsteiner, CEO of PARK INNOVAARE.
Michael Hennig, CEO of leadXpro (l) with Benno Rechsteiner (r), CEO of PARK INNOVAARE. Image credit: PARK INNOVAARE

November saw the official start of construction work on the new innovation campus of PARK INNOVAARE in Aargau. Companies should be able to move in to the new buildings within the space of four years, with the innovation campus set to offer office space, vibration-free research laboratories and clean rooms. The aim is to connect innovative thinkers at large companies, start-ups and SMEs with research institutes.

According to a press release, the first tenant has now been secured. The biotech start-up LeadXpro has signed a long-term tenancy agreement for an area covering 700 square meters and retains an expansion option as well. The company was spun-off from the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) and specializes in the development of membrane protein samples. Membrane proteins are potentially very important targets for future drug candidates, as they are involved in the development of many diseases. LeadXpro is therefore working on several projects with the pharmaceutical industry.

Benno Rechsteiner, CEO of PARK INNOVAARE, was quoted in the press release: “I am thrilled to welcome leadXpro as the first of our member companies to guarantee their space in the new innovation campus”. Overall, the new innovation campus of PARK INNOVAARE has a rental area extending across 23,000 square meters. As lead tenant, the PSI will be taking up a share of 65 percent of the available space. LeadXpro has now signed up to take 10 percent of the remaining area.

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