Neovii developing COVID-19 vaccine

The biotech company Neovii Pharmaceuticals AG has agreed on a collaboration with Tel Aviv University. Together, both partners hope to develop a vaccine for COVID-19.

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Neovii Pharmaceuticals based in the St.GallenBodenseeArea has signed a research and licensing agreement with Ramot, the technology transfer center of Tel Aviv University (TAU). With this, Neovii gains the right to develop and market a COVID-19 vaccine to be created based on a technology platform developed by Jonathan Gershoni. According to a press release, Gershoni is a professor at the School of Molecular Cell Biology and Biotechnology of Tel Aviv University. Neovii will work closely with a group of researchers from TAU to develop the vaccine.

Jürgen Pohle, CEO of Neovii, is quoted in the press release, saying: “We are extremely excited about our collaboration with Professor Gershoni and TAU.” He goes on to add that this will give Neovii access to a leading platform that could advance the rapid development of promising vaccine candidates.

Neovii, formerly known as Fresenius Biotech, established its global headquarters in Rapperswil in 2014. It is a part of the Neopharm Group located in Israel, and develops therapies based on polyclonal antibodies, suppressing the body’s own immune system to prevent undesired outcomes. For the COVID-19 vaccine, a structure in the virus protein that is responsible for bonding to human cells is to be changed. Gershoni has already conducted corresponding work on previous versions of the coronavirus. Pohle adds that the partners also see corresponding synergies with Neovii’s research work.

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