Switzerland remains global innovation champion

The World Intellectual Property Organization has crowned Switzerland the most innovative country in the world for the tenth consecutive year. Switzerland not only offers fertile ground for innovation, but also inspires many new creations, as the number of patent applications shows.

ETH Research
According to the Global Innovation Index Innovations from Switzerland are of a high quality. Image Credit: ETH Zurich, Gian Marco Castelberg

For the past ten years, Switzerland has ranked top of the Global Innovation Index (GII). The Index is published by the World Intellectual Property Organization (Wipo), French business school Insead and Cornell University. It ranks the performance of 130 countries, examining both the necessary conditions for innovation and the new creations that result from innovation.

Great environment for innovation

According to the report, Switzerland offers particularly fertile ground for innovation. It scored 69.42 points in the corresponding category of Innovation Input and ranks second in the world. The average in this category is 41.39 points. In addition to substantial investment in research and development, Switzerland's strong position is due to the high quality of local universities and extensive human resources. Furthermore, it performed highly for its stable political environment, good regulatory environment and infrastructure.

High-quality developments

Worldwide, Switzerland is most effective in transforming innovation investment into results. With 62.75 points in this category of Innovation Output, it was number one worldwide. The average is 20.74 points. Switzerland scored particularly well for innovation in knowledge and technology outputs. Looking at patent filings worldwide, Switzerland ranks among the top countries. It also has a high number of scientific publications.

Switzerland is followed in the rankings by Sweden, the USA, the UK, the Netherlands and Denmark. China is ranked 14th in the world.

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