Flybotix drones flying with maxon drive systems

The start-up Flybotix is working on the development of an innovative drone to inspect industrial facilities. The Obwalden-based company maxon motor developed the electric drive system. Thanks to this, the drones should also be able to conduct longer missions.

Flybotix drone.
The inspection drone from Flybotix is flying with maxon drive systems. Image Credit: maxon motor


Flybotix is planning to launch a new drone for the inspection of industrial facilities on the market. This should also be able to work in a collision-proof manner even in tight spaces and for this reason is surrounded by a protective cage. Instead of the typical four rotors, this drone has just two, while it also boasts an algorithmically controlled drive and steering mechanism with two degrees of freedom. In this way, the drones achieve the aerodynamic performance of a helicopter combined with the mechanical stability of a quadcopter, explains Samir Bouabdallah, CEO and founder of Flybotix, in a press release issued by maxon motor.

The drones are powered by the brushless DC motors from maxon. The Obwalden-based company has, according to information in the press release, developed electric motors in conjunction with the start-up, which have been optimized in terms of weight and performance specifically for use in these drones. This therefore allows the drones to complete longer flight missions, the press release explains. According to Flybotix, it is able to remain in the air for a period of 24 minutes. Currently, similar drones  can stay airborne only for about ten minutes. 

Bouabdallah explains further that this level of world class performance would not have been possible without the expertise of maxon, commenting that Flybotix is delighted with the partnership and will look to intensify collaborative efforts in order to further advance the industrialization of its drones.

The drive systems developed by maxon are also being used in other drone projects. For example, the NASA drone Ingenuity, which is set to explore Mars in 2021, is equipped with six motors from maxon.

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