Schoeller manufacturing fabrics from Nativa wool

Schoeller Textil has entered into a partnership with Nativa. This is the first global wool brand to offer blockchain-based traceability from farm to consumer. So far, Schoeller is offering three fabrics for softshell clothing, with others set to follow in due course.

Schoeller Textil processes newly sustainably sourced wool from Nativa.
Schoeller Textil processes newly sustainably sourced wool from Nativa. Image provided by Schoeller Textil

Schoeller Textil AG from Sevelen in the canton of St.Gallen is now processing sustainably produced wool from Nativa. This is sourced from certified farms in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, North America, Uruguay and Argentina. According to a press release issued by Schoeller, Nativa is the first global wool brand that offers blockchain-based traceability from the farm right through to the end consumer. Nativa was launched by the French company Chargeurs Luxury Materials, which describes itself as a producer and trader of the world’s finest, softest and most resilient premium wool with a strong commitment to transparency, sustainability and responsibility.

For the Nativa certification, farms are assessed on the basis of criteria including feeding, breeding and animal handling, in addition to health and infrastructure. This includes stress-free shearing and a ban on mulesing, which refers to the removal of the skin around the tails of sheep without anesthesia. The procedure is mainly used in Australia to prevent infestation with fly maggots.

In terms of the benefits of this collaboration with Nativa, Schoeller cites complete transparency with regard to supply chains and product transformation, in addition to the end-to-end transparency. This is a “fantastic marketing tool for any brand”, according to the press release.

So far, Schoeller is offering three blended fabrics with Nativa merino wool. These are particularly suitable for softshell clothing used by mountaineers and ski tourers. Other high-quality fabrics are set to follow in the near future.

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