Friderici Spécial and Qaptis team up to pioneer CO2 capture in heavy transport

In a landmark move for sustainable transport, EPFL spin-off Qaptis has joined forces with road transport leader Friderici Spécial.

This partnership is an important step for Qaptis, which aims to commercialize its CO2 capture system for heavy-duty vehicles by 2026.
This partnership is an important step for Qaptis, which aims to commercialize its CO2 capture system for heavy-duty vehicles by 2026.

Specializing in CO2 capture technology for heavy-duty vehicles, Qaptis, an EPFL spin-off, has been at the forefront of creating solutions to the global carbon emission crisis. Their technology not only aligns with the growing environmental consciousness in the transport industry but also offers a practical, immediate solution for reducing carbon footprints.

Qaptis’s innovative solution, which captures up to 90% of carbon emissions directly from the exhaust pipe, stands out as a game-changer in the fight against climate change. The system’s simplicity, effectiveness, and affordability make it an appealing choice for carriers looking to quickly decarbonize their fleets without overhauling existing vehicles or infrastructure.

The strategic partnership with Friderici Spécial marks a significant advancement in decarbonizing heavy transport, with Qaptis set to install its first CO2 capture prototype on Friderici Spécial trucks. The prototype represents a pivotal step for Qaptis, as it gears up for a series of bench tests. This collaboration is a crucial milestone in Qaptis’s journey to commercialize its CO2 capture system by 2026.

“We are thrilled to partner with Friderici Spécial, a leader in transport and heavy logistics, as we work towards decarbonizing freight transport and supply chains,” stated Qaptis co-founders Théodore Caby and Masoud Talebi Amiri. Clément Friderici, Director of Friderici Spécial, echoed these sentiments, highlighting the potential of Qaptis’s CO2 capture device to address the pressing climate challenges in the road transport sector.

Friderici Spécial, with a rich history dating back to 1870, continues to adapt and innovate in the transport industry. Their collaboration with Qaptis is a testament to their commitment to embracing new technologies and sustainable practices, further solidifying their position as a forward-thinking leader in the sector.

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