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Switzerland - a hub for artificial intelligence (AI)

Switzerland offers a collaborative tech ecosystem that fuels partnering opportunities and a high level of innovative output. Regulations are clear and transparent, which provides a regulatory environment that allows AI companies to operate with high legal certainty.

Switzerland - a hub for artificial intelligence (AI)

Switzerland is home to world-renowned universities and research institutes in the area of AI, such as the two federal institutes of technology ETH Zurich and EPFL in Lausanne, IDSIA in Lugano, IDIAP in Martigny, and many cantonal universities. This proximity to cutting-edge research is an important reason why global tech companies such as Google, IBM, and HPE conduct their research from here. Thanks to its traditional strength in the field of life sciences, Switzerland also drives AI developments in healthcare and pharmaceuticals. There is a closely-knit tech ecosystem in place that brings innovative products to the market quickly.

Switzerland provides a very stable political and economic environment that offers globally active companies a safe place to host and validate their main asset: data. Trustworthy governance and legal certainty lead to reduced risks for companies, which benefit from unbureaucratic support from cantons and the government.



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