Opening of the NeuroTec research facility in Bern

After almost two years of development, the NeuroTec research facility was launched. NeuroTec explores the use of modern medical technology to improve the treatment of neurological diseases with the aim of increasingly shifting diagnosis and therapy from the hospital to the home.

NeuroTec Loft
The NeuroTec Loft is an instrumented apartment aimed at monitoring human behavior and how neurological disorders influence daily life.

Together with the University of Bern and sitem-inselInsel Gruppe opened the NeuroTec research facility, pooling together the clinical knowledge of the Inselspital, the University Hospital Bern, and the expertise in medical technology of the University of Bern.

The close ties to the University of Bern are of particular importance, namely with the ARTORG Center for Biomedical Engineering Research, which primarily provides the technical expertise, and with the Center for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (CAIM), which uses AI to evaluate the extensive amounts of collected data.

Another particularly valuable partner for NeuroTec is sitem-insel, the Swiss Institute for Translational and Entrepreneurial Medicine. The facilities at sitem-insel enable an active exchange with researchers in the field. In addition, sitem-insel facilitates national and international networking for the research center through numerous activities.

NeuroTec Loft, a unique research environment

Apart from the numerous projects already in place, the introduction of the NeuroTec Loft will grant researchers a laboratory disguised as a traditional apartment, and equipped with a number of highly sensitive measuring devices such as video cameras, radar systems, lidar sensors, seismographs, flow meters, etc. This will make it possible to monitor patients’ activities in everyday life and to detect any neurodegenerative diseases at an early stage or to indicate a sudden deterioration in health.

Many stakeholders rely on a research platform in the field of neurology, such as the one offered by NeuroTec. This is demonstrated by the excellent utilization of the facilities even in the earliest start-up phase and the numerous innovative projects that have already been initiated since the research facility’s launch.

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