Lugano gastronomy business mines bitcoin while baking

The food and hospitality company Gabbani has integrated a bitcoin mining system into its production facility, which is powered using the business’s surplus solar power. Its panettone Christmas cake is now labelled Banettone and features a Bitcoin logo.

At Gabbani, panettone is produced in a facility that also mines bitcoins. Image credit: blackieshoot via Unsplash
At Gabbani, panettone is produced in a facility that also mines bitcoins. Image credit: blackieshoot via Unsplash

Gabbani, a renowned food and hospitality business in Lugano, is supporting “Plan B”, a joint initiative between the City of Lugano and Tether, which issues the cryptocurrency Tether, in the blockchain hub of Lugano. Plan B is aimed at promoting the use of bitcoin technology and using it as a basis for the transformation of Lugano's financial infrastructure, according to an article from “Cryptonews”. 

The latest contribution to the plan has been made by the brothers Domenico and Francesco Gabbani, who operate Gabbani. They have integrated the hardware and software required to mine bitcoin into their food production plant. It is based on a state-of-the-art solution from the startup company ACME Swisstech, which was inspired by Plan B and specialises in bitcoin mining and renewable energies. 

Gabbani uses surplus energy from its own photovoltaic system for energy-intensive bitcoin mining, such as the creation of new bitcoins. It was installed on the roof of the Gabbani production facility in Novazzano in the canton of Ticino during a comprehensive renovation. Mining is carried out by so-called miners who, in the case of bitcoin, attach the next block to the bitcoin blockchain and receive a reward for providing the necessary energy.

The first product produced in the plant in support of Plan B Lugano is the Banettone. This Italian Christmas cake is really a panettone, but Gabbani swapped the initial letter for the capital B in the orange bitcoin logo. The cake itself also carries the bitcoin logo, while the semi-candied apricots in the pastry lend even more “bitcoin orange”.

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