Transforming Business Models

Margin pressure, competition and the strong Swiss Franc: exporting SMEs are under pressure. Thus, they need to review their business models for individual markets and adjust them where necessary to satisfy rapidly changing customer requirements.

Transforming Business Models

After years of efficiency increases and product improvements, internationally active Swiss companies are increasingly reaching the limits of optimization – but margin pressure remains. Additionally, the technological and social environment in the target markets is changing rapidly. New customer requirements emerge, new competitors suddenly appear on the market, and global competition is increasing. Therefore, clever business models are needed to ensure international competitive advantages in future. This involves developing innovative concepts to satisfy rapidly changing customer requirements in each country, offer new experiences, and stand out from the competition – and of course generate additional sources of income. Thus, the existing business models must be scrutinized and probably revised or changed completely. S-GE can show you which business models work in which markets and identify the right partners for you on-site. Here you will find news, videos, info graphics and studies relating to business models in an international context. 

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