Berlin FinTech company builder enters Switzerland

Company builder FinLeap of Berlin has gained a foothold in Switzerland. Since it was founded in 2014, FinLeap has established six FinTech start-up companies in various international markets.

Berlin FinTech company builder enters Switzerland

“We bring together experts from the financial community, entrepreneurs and our strong tech team,” says FinLeap partner Ramin Niroumand of the company’s business model in a press release. The company, which is headquartered in Berlin, describes itself as a “company builder” that supports start-ups in establishing sustainable, customer-centric and technology-driven businesses.

“Swiss financial institutions have been considered as innovators in banking for decades, but in recent years, they have not always managed to keep up with technological advances,” comments Marc P. Bernegger, who will represent FinLeap in Switzerland, in the press release. He adds that not only young people have expectations regarding their financial institutions. “Bank customers of all ages have recognized that many financial products are overpriced or simply not offered competitively,” he says. Bernegger founded his first digital enterprise,, at the age of 20, and later sold the party platform to publishing house Axel Springer. He also co-founded the event online management software Amiando, which was subsequently sold to XING.

According to partner Ramin Niroumand, FinLeap does not see itself as a company builder uniquely for innovative competitors to established financial institutions. “Our 'revolutionary troops' are acting collaboratively as well. We are not looking for enemies, but preferably for the best solutions for our customers,” he comments in the press release.

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