Clinerion improves treatment options

The Basel technology services company Clinerion developed a system that recruits patients for suitable clinical research trials. That system can now be used to connect patients with rare diseases to new, targeted treatments.
New system can recruit patients for suitable clinical research trials. (generic image)
New system can recruit patients for suitable clinical research trials. (generic image)

Clinerion has announced a new service for its Patient Recruitment System (PRS). According to a company statement, the PRS Patient Finder tool can be used to improve treatment options for patients in ‘hard-to-reach’ populations: it identifies patients with rare diseases or those requiring personalised treatments and matches them as quickly as possible to suitable treatments.

The PRS Patient Finder tool works by querying hospital information systems connected to Clinerion’s PRS. It analyses the data in real-time and provides automated alerts to hospital staff, thus enabling them to identify patients entering hospital systems in time to enrol them in clinical research trials – before traditional treatment is initiated.

Patients are given a pseudonym to maintain patient privacy; only the physician holds the encryption keys and remains the decision maker on patient treatment. At no time is unencrypted patient data removed from the hospital premises.

“Industry feedback shows a need for matching drugs with patients,” said Tigran Arzumanov, head of sales at Clinerion. “This new approach allows the identification of patients eligible for targeted, specialised treatment, while maintaining patient and physician privacy.”

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