Genedata closes licensing agreement

The Basel-based bioinformatics company Genedata has licensed Genedata Biologics for use by the British biopharmaceutical company F-star. The platform will help F-star intensify its analyses of bispecific antibodies.
Genedata closes licensing agreement with F-Star. (generic image)
Genedata closes licensing agreement with F-Star. (generic image)

F-star discovers and develops bispecific antibodies that can be integrated into cancer-fighting immunotherapies as an innovative treatment concept. Thanks to the platform Genedata Biologics, F-star can increase the scope of all the necessary steps of its analyses.

Genedata develops software solutions for the scientific field. By uniting science and information technology, it offers solutions that users can apply to boost their productivity and quality. F-star will now benefit from a platform that systematically processes and analyses research data, explained Genedata CEO Othmar Pfannes in a statement.

Since the platform launched in 2011, half of the world’s leading biopharmaceutical companies have adopted it, according to the company. Genedata has developed different collaborations, which range from simple installations to comprehensive partnerships.

F-star had been looking for a system that would enable it to change its workflow to improve its performance, explained Neil Brewis of F-star. He said: “We evaluated the market and quickly came to the conclusion that Genedata Biologics would suit our needs.” He added that he was convinced the platform developed by the Basel-based bioinformatics company would help F-star accelerate the discovery of the next generation of immuno-oncology therapeutics.

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