Vigilitech receives start capital

The start-up Vigilitech has been awarded CHF 130,000 as a Venture Kick finalist. The IT company is developing a system that enables veterinarians and scientists to monitor animals.
Vigilitech receives CHF 130,000 start capital.
Vigilitech receives CHF 130,000 start capital.

Vigilitech is developing a system that helps researchers monitor and control vital physiological parameters of small animals in a non-invasive manner during surgical interventions. The system can be connected wirelessly to a browser, tablet or smartphone and visualises core temperature, respiration and heart rate. Called MARTA (Monitoring Animals in Research with Technology and Application), it synchronises the data and stores it in the Vigilitech cloud, allowing researchers to access the information and share it with others regardless of location.

“The three-step process and support from Venture Kick helped us transform our idea into a truly entrepreneurial project while at the same time give us the momentum to further develop ourselves,” said Marc Zünd, CEO and co-founder of the company from the St.GallenBodenseeArea.

Venture Kick is an initiative of the Venture Kick Foundation that finances promising business ideas. Its goal is to double the number of spin-offs at Swiss universities and raise the attractiveness of these start-ups for national and international investors. It runs a highly competitive programme to select winning start-ups.

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