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In a place where locomotives and machines used to be built, an urban living space is being created with residential buildings, city squares, shops, commerce, catering, offices and much more besides. The names of the buildings bridge the gap between the former industrial site and the modern district.

A new district is being created: urban, diverse and full of life.
The development of Lokstadt will see a former industrial site being transformed into a sustainable, diverse and urban district in the heart of Winterthur. This district extends from Zürcherstrasse to the Lagerplatz site.

In Lokstadt, Implenia is going to work in close collaboration with the City of Winterthur in the coming years to develop a mixed district with around 750 apartments in which more than 1500 people will find a new home in the centre of town. A great variety of other uses for offices and services, ranging from planned use as a hotel to public uses will contribute to the liveliness of the future Lokstadt. The heart of the new district will be formed by a new city square in the middle of the site, which will act as a central hub. Historic industrial architecture and modern buildings form an exciting unit in the context of town planning. The “Rocket” high-rise building with a height of 80 to 100 meters and the publicly accessible top floor will also be constructed right next to the central hub.

Lokstadt – sustainable through and through.
Lokstadt will be developed in line with the requirements of the 2000-Watt Society model and based on the SIA path towards energy efficiency. The state-of-the-art design and building services, ecological energy supply and environmentally friendly traffic concept will ensure that this ambitious objective is met. Furthermore, 30 % of the living space is reserved for not-for-profit accommodation or low-cost residential accommodation for young people in education or training.

High-density building in Lokstadt also means carefully designing the open public spaces: Lokstadt should be as diverse as the people who live there. The natural open spaces are accordingly varied: courtyards as green oases, a city square with a tree canopy and inviting pocket parks shape the Lokstadt living space. Vogt Landscape Architects, who together with the renowned Gigon/Guyer architectural firm already won the test planning competition, are in charge of planning the public open spaces.

Haus "Krokodil”
Haus Krokodil is the first building of the new Lokstadt. It houses 254 apartments and is largely made of wood. The 2000 m2 inner courtyard is being designed as a green oasis.

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