Stadler receives order for new trains

The train manufacturer Stadler Rail launched a new two-car multiple train unit called WINK. The transport company Arriva Netherlands has now ordered 18 WINKs and plans to use them in zero emissions mode only in the future.

Stadler Train
The transport company Arriva Netherlands has ordered 18 Stadler trains. (Image credit: Stadler Rail AG)

Stadler Rail is complementing its portfolio of regional trains with the WINK, a two-car, multiple unit train for secondary lines with lower passenger volumes. It can transport up to 275 people, with seats for around 150 and has two quiet zones, toilets, and storage space for bicycles, pushchairs and wheelchairs. 

The new trains for Arriva Netherlands are initially designed as bi-modal units, meaning they are powered by a diesel engine with hydrogenated vegetable oil. Thanks to the energy stored in the batteries, the diesel engines can be switched off when the trains are at a standstill for longer periods in the station, explains the company from the St.GallenBodenseeArea.

Arriva Netherlands will deploy the 18 new trains on the Leeuwarden-Groningen route and other lines in the provinces of Friesland and Groningen beginning in 2020. Following partial electrification of the Leeuwarden-Groningen route in 2025, the WINK trains will switch to zero emissions operation by replacing the diesel engines with batteries. Energy stored in the batteries will be used on the non-electrified parts of the route. 

Stadler has been commissioned to deliver and later convert the trains, with the contract valued at 170 million euros in total.

WINK is a German acronym that stands for convertible, innovative, short train for local transport. The modular structure is based on that of the FLIRT train, a highly successful Stadler model. The regional train, which is suitable for immediate zero emissions operation, has good sales potential in western and central Europe as well as in the UK.

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