Pilatus delivers first PC-24

Pilatus has delivered the first PC-24 business jet to the U.S. company PlaneSense. The aeroplane manufacturer from the canton of Nidwalden has been building the new aircraft for 12 years. 

Pilatus PC-24
Image Credit: Pilatus

The first PC-24 was presented to PlaneSense this week during a festive ceremony. It marks a milestone for the aeroplane manufacturer from Stans, which has been working on the Super Versatile Jet for 12 years and invested more than 500 million Swiss francs. The aircraft was presented to the public for the first time in 2013.

The PC-24 is the first jet plane from the Pilatus workshop. Depending on its configuration, the business jet has space for up to 10 people. According to the specification, it can operate on short and unpaved runways. It also impresses with its speed.

“Many of our owners like flying to small airports. The PC-24 will save them a lot of time,” explained George Antoniadis, founder, president and CEO of PlaneSense.

The aircraft sharing company from Colorado has ordered six PC-24 and plans to buy more.

“Because the certificated performance of the PC-24 is better than originally guaranteed, we are already planning to buy more PC-24 for our customers as soon as Pilatus opens its order book again,” added Antoniadis.

PlaneSene has been working with Pilatus for 22 years and previously deployed its turboprop PC-12.

With the bigger and faster PC-24, PlaneSense intends to expand its geographic field of activity further into the western USA. PlaneSense’s pilots are among the first to have secured the licence for the PC-24.

Pilatus will deliver another 24 of the 84 jets ordered this year.

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