Artificial Intelligence set to make horse breeding easier

The MedTech start-up Piavita is working together with researchers to improve wearable devices for horses. Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, these could help to predict ovulation in mares and the birth of foals.

Diagnosis device for horses.
Diagnosis device for horses. Image Credit: Piavita

The Zurich-based start-up Piavita has develop a diagnosis device for horses. This is attached to a belt secured around the ribcage of the horse and can measure various vital signs that can be viewed in real time on a computer.

The start-up is now working with the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) and the Swiss Institute of Equine Medicine at the University of Bern with the aim of further enriching and improving wearable devices for horses. The focus here is on the development of algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), as detailed in an article included in the ZHAW magazine “Transfer”.

The use of KI should, for example, allow predictions to me made as to when a foal will be born or when equine ovulation occurs. This data can then be used to improve process reliability and cut costs related to horse breeding.

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