Alpenbitter makes spiced truffles

Alongside its beverage specialities, Appenzeller Alpenbitter AG offers truffles made with goat milk’s whey and Appenzeller Alpenbitter. The company has been collaborating with the confectioner Albert Koch for the past three years to produce them.

 Appenzeller Alpenbitter AG
Appenzeller Alpenbitter AG offers truffles.

The truffles produced by Appenzeller Alpenbitter in collaboration with Albert Koch are utterly unique in Switzerland. According to a statement on the product, Koch used a variety of sugars as well as goat’s milk whey to produce the filling.

“Goat’s milk whey is full of valuable ingredients, but you have to know how to prepare it. No one wants the typical goat taste in a truffle,” said Koch, who passed his goat’s milk business down to his son when he turned to truffles. Appenzeller Alpenbitter is also used for the filling, lending it a spicy note that is then mellowed by the chocolate.

“Albert Koch is a stroke of luck for us,” said the CEO of Appenzeller Alpenbitter AG, Stefan Maegli. “The truffles embody his passion and the down-to-earth nature that is typical of the Appenzell.”

The relationship between Koch and the company has deep roots: Koch’s great-great uncle Beat Kölbener laid the first foundation stone for Appenzeller Alpenbitter AG together with Emil Ebneter.

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