Health: You live longer in Switzerland

An efficient health system is a vital contributor to the quality of life in Switzerland. According to the OECD, life expectancy in Switzerland is one of the highest in the world.

Health: You live longer in Switzerland

According to the OECD, a girl born in Switzerland in 2012 will have a life expectancy of 85 years. For a boy, it would be 80.6 years. As an average, this places Switzerland third in the world after Japan and Iceland. The Swiss Confederation has already been tending towards this OECD top group for decades.

There are many reasons behind these amazing figures. At 11.1% of the GDP, health related spending is at a very high level by international standards and well above the OECD average of 8.9%. This is a rather low percentage compared to the public funding, which makes the system more sustainable.

The Swiss health care system has thus proven itself over the years. For example, the mortality rate for cancer declined by 28% between 1990 and 2011, that is more than in any other OECD country. Today, Switzerland is ranked fourth because of this rate. 81% of people who live in Switzerland say they are in good health. This also places Switzerland among the Top10 in the OECD. Switzerland has the lowest obesity rate in Europe (8.1%).

Last but not least, the quality of life in Switzerland should be included among the reasons for such a high life expectancy in the country. Work and leisure, family and recreation can be perfectly combined and balanced in this small country with its varied landscape. People who live in Switzerland generally enjoy a high standard of living. In fact, a global survey recently revealed that Switzerland is the happiest country in the world.

For more information about living in Switzerland, refer to the Handbook for Investors.

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