Mercer-Ranking 2015: Swiss cities remain top

The annual city-ranking by Mercer awards top marks to Swiss cities. In the comparison of international cities regarding quality of living three Swiss cities are placed among the top 15.

As in the year 2014 Zurich is ranked the city with the second best quality of living worldwide. Among the main reasons for this top ranking figure the good public transport services, the excellent international connections of Zurich airport or the minor air pollution. Geneva, also shows a high quality of living and reaches the top 10 with rank 8. The third in the group is Berne, the Swiss capital, which placed 13th as in the previous year.

In order to rate the quality of living, Mercer ranks 230 cities according to 39 criteria in the point of view of employees who were sent to work and live abroad. Among the criteria are political, social, economic and ecological aspects. In addition the cities are rated according to security and trust, health care, education, public transport and other public services.


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