Sensirion to develop fine dust sensors

Zurich-based sensor manufacturer Sensirion and the US air analysis firm Clarity want to cooperate. They want to jointly develop a new sensor technology for measuring fine dust and bring it to market.

Stäfa-based Sensirion specialises primarily in the manufacture of environmental sensors. Now the US company Clarity is granting it an exclusive licence for the development, production and distribution of its optical fine dust sensors. The companies want to develop the technology further and then jointly bring it to market. “With Sensirion industrializing the technology, we can focus on providing air quality management solutions based on the concept of sensor fusion, IoT and big data analytics,” says David Lu, CEO of Clarity in a media release.

The new fine dust sensor will fill a gap in the market for environmental sensors. Until now there have been virtually no cost-effective, acceptable and reliable fine dust sensors. The new development is likely to be particularly popular due to its small size and low cost. At the same time, it should achieve the same measuring precision as industrial fine dust monitoring solutions.

“With the aim of improving the energy efficiency of buildings and the well-being of the people in these buildings, the sensor fits Sensirion’s environmental sensor range perfectly”, writes Sensirion. Fine dust can penetrate deeply into people's lungs and cause various diseases. The new technology will help to develop innovative devices for monitoring air quality, thereby preventing air pollution.

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