Zurich is among the best cities for start-ups

Zurich is one of the world’s most attractive cities for working in a start-up company. It reached seventh place in the Nestpick real estate portal ranking.

In the ranking of the best cities for start-up employees, Zurich reached seventh place. (image credit: strecosa)

Nestpick has unveiled the best cities for start-up employees in a new study. In its ranking, Zurich reached seventh place.

Singapore topped the ranking, followed by Helsinki, San Francisco, Berlin, Stockholm and Tel Aviv. Behind Zurich were Seoul, Hamburg and Toronto.

The ranking considered a range of criteria, including the number of start-ups in the city, financing opportunities, salaries, social benefits, living costs and quality of life.   

Zurich performed well in all categories. It ranked second behind San Francisco for salaries paid to start-up employees, but lagged behind for start-up ecosystems. This category ranked the number of start-ups and the availability of financing.   

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