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Swiss mechanical, electrical and metal industry

Employing around 325,000 people, the Swiss mechanical, electrical and metal industry (MEM) is Switzerland’s biggest industrial employer.

Swiss mechanical, electrical and metal industry

The success of the industry lies in its great innovative ability: continuous investments in research and development help Swiss companies to succeed in continuously improving their products, technologies, and processes, as well as obtaining its leading international position. The “Swiss Made” label stands for excellent quality, reliability, and security, which the Swiss precision technology has been able to achieve worldwide thanks, primarily, to its first-class reputation. 

Due to its high standards, this sector is competitive on an international level, despite the strong Swiss franc. Almost 80% of Swiss MEM products are exported, almost 60% of which goes to the EU. Switzerland holds second place in an international comparison of per capita exports of machinery. The MEM industry is thus an important pillar of the Swiss export business.



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