Pyrpose’s finance platform bridges gap between consumers and climate innovators

Geneva’s climate finance innovator, Pyrpose, takes another significant stride by launching its platform to the public, providing direct access for consumers to climate change solutions.

Pyrpose blends decentralized and regenerative finance to create a platform where consumers and businesses collaborate to reduce climate emissions.
Pyrpose blends decentralized and regenerative finance to create a platform where consumers and businesses collaborate to reduce climate emissions.

In an era marked by a growing urgency to address climate change, Geneva-based start-up Pyrpose has announced the public availability of its cutting-edge climate finance platform. Lauded earlier this year for raising USD 1.1 million in its angel funding round, including a noteworthy investment from CV VC, Pyrpose aims to serve as a bridge between climate-conscious consumers and pioneering climate innovators striving to reduce carbon emissions.

Designed to offer a comprehensive understanding of individual carbon footprints, the Pyrpose platform empowers users to directly invest in tech solutions curbing carbon emissions. These solutions are pivotal in revolutionizing industries, especially in off-grid African communities adversely affected by climate change. Supported projects encapsulate a range of solutions, from solar-powered homes and schools to the electrification of transportation and introduction of clean cookers in regions like Western Kenya, South Africa, and Rwanda.

Kevin Kyer, CEO and Co-Founder of Pyrpose, shared insights from their initial private beta: “We learned a lot during our private beta about what the climate-conscious consumer is looking for. Direct access to solutions that reduce carbon emissions proved pivotal – most didn’t even believe such direct involvement was feasible. Interestingly, while we anticipated GenZ and Millennials to be our primary audience, the GenX demographic has been actively engaging on our platform. This public beta will further enhance our understanding of our user base and allow us to refine our UX and offerings.”

The platform’s inception is well-timed, following a surge of interest and engagement during its private beta phase. The current public beta aims to escalate user engagement and broaden the spectrum of available climate solutions. With contributions starting at just 20 Euros, Pyrpose facilitates everyone, regardless of their financial standing, to actively participate in safeguarding our planet.

Geneva, a hub for sustainable finance

Initially targeting consumers from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Nordic countries, Pyrpose’s horizon is vast. Building upon the momentum gained from the recent angel funding round and the insights derived from its ever-growing user base, the start-up is set to expand its offerings and penetrate new markets.

Pyrpose’s strategic decision to root itself in Geneva underscores the city’s burgeoning reputation as a hub for sustainable finance. The canton’s longstanding commitment to sustainability, coupled with its thriving financial sector, makes it an ideal launchpad for ventures like Pyrpose, which are at the forefront of blending technology and purpose to address global climate challenges.

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