Innovation and Technology

Switzerland is the best location for innovation.

Innovation and Technology
Innovation and Technology

Research and Development Hub

Switzerland invests over 3% of its GDP in research and development, placing it among the world leaders. The country boasts no fewer than 60 higher education institutions, which have close links with the international research community.  As an important center of research, Switzerland attracts highly qualified foreign researchers. A number of world-class institutions are based in Switzerland, for example the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) and the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI).

Leading Industry Clusters

Major industry clusters choose to locate in Switzerland. In the industrial sector, key roles are played by the machinery, electrical engineering, and metals industry (MEM). Switzerland is also growing in importance as a center of the information and communications industry (ICT). Northwest Switzerland is home to a unique life sciences cluster, and in the cleantech sector, Switzerland is particularly strong in the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and recycling.

Strong Education System

In Switzerland there is no difficulty in finding well-educated, multilingual, motivated, and loyal employees. The Swiss education system combines high-quality vocational training with outstanding university education. This dual system fuels the country’s capacity for innovation and creativity. 


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