Investing in the Greater Zurich Area

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Are you looking for a place where your business can grow and thrive? Expand your business activities with the support of Greater Zurich Area Ltd (GZA). We support you in the complex and dynamic process of locating your company in Switzerland’s technology and business center. 


Greater Zurich Area
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Greater Zurich Area

How we help:

Greater Zurich Area Ltd (GZA) is the investment promotion agency of 9 Swiss cantons (states) around Zurich. We act as intermediaries, door openers, enablers. We guide companies looking to expand internationally through the ecosystem of the Greater Zurich Area and connect them with relevant companies, universities and research institutes, incubators, platforms, associations and authorities. Thereby we create added value for the companies’ strategic expansion. 

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Our services: 

Our services are free of charge and include:

  • Build the business case for Greater Zurich Area 
  • Provide technology- and industry-specific insights and key contacts 
  • Advice on setting up a company and legal forms 
  • Connect to leading professional, legal and accountancy service providers 
  • Identify office space, industrial sites and business parks 
  • Find research partners at globally leading universities including ETH Zurich (the MIT of Europe) and University of Zurich 
  • Integrate companies into Greater Zurich Area’s various industry and business networks.  

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Learn more about the location advantages in the Greater Zurich Area:

Why Greater Zurich AreaTechnology sectors, Access to talent, Business-friendly environment, Innovation hub, Access to customers, Corporate and individual taxes and incentives.


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