Swiss investors organize world’s first crypto-conference

Eight renowned Swiss investors are organizing the world's first conference for investments in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. The 3-day “Crypto Finance Conference will take place in January 2018, right before the World Economic Forum in St. Moritz. The most relevant players in the field of crypto-investing will be in attendance.

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In 2018, the first global crypto-conference will take place in St. Moritz.

The first global “Crypto Finance Conference” is being organized by an 8-person Swiss investor and entrepreneur group, who would like to create more understanding of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. However, the conference, which is geared towards the global investor community, will focus on additional key areas. The event will show how investments can be made in this area, what risk specialists and regulators make of the topic and how cryptocurrencies can be stored safely and reliably. Around 250 selected investors have been invited to the Crypto Finance Conference, which will be held at the Suvretta House Hotel in St. Moritz from January 17-19, 2018.

Cryptocurrencies attractive to investors

According to Tobias Reichmuth, CEO & founder of SUSI Partners AG, VRP of Crypto Finance AG and co-founder of the Crypto Finance Conference, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are extremely attractive to investors. However, he draws attention to the fact that investors are faced with distortional hype, many pitfalls and a high level of volatility, as they are in every up and coming industry. “We see a lack of knowledge and processing of information geared towards investors and want to change this,” he gives as his reasoning for organizing the conference. He adds that there are already many tech conferences in the world, but a platform for professional crypto-finance knowledge exchange was missing until now.

High-ranking line-up in St. Moritz

The fact that the organizers have their finger on the pulse with this conference is confirmed by the great amount of interest they have already received. More than 20 crowd-pulling speakers and the world's most relevant players in the field of crypto-investing have registered for the event. In addition to blockchain veteran Bobby Lee, who runs the first and leading bitcoin exchange, they were also able to attract Jon Matonis, founding director of the Bitcoin Foundation. The founders of the world's most relevant crypto-funds and successful crypto-investors will also take the stage. Daniel Gutenberg, OC member of the conference, who is himself very successful in this area, explains: “The line-up of the CryptoFinance Conference is unsurpassed. I have thus far not heard of any format that combines so much knowledge from the world of cryptocurrencies and bitcoins”.

The OC and Switzerland’s leading role

In addition to Tobias Reichmuth and Daniel Gutenberg, the organizing committee of the Crypto Finance Conference also comprises Eric Sarasin (former banker and active private equity investor), Marc P. Bernegger (serial web entrepreneur and Fintech investor), Schoscho Rufener (founder of the largest event agency in Switzerland), Pascal Forster (top personnel consultant, entrepreneur and investor), Sam Manz (founder of and and Andrea-Franco Stöhr (renowned lawyer in St. Moritz).
Marc P. Bernegger on the event location:

With Crypto Valley, Switzerland has taken a leading role in the global blockchain scene. It only makes sense, then, to organize the first global Crypto Finance Conference for investors here in Switzerland.

He also says that St. Moritz gives this dynamic community the right atmosphere. Switzerland keeps making headlines with the leading role that Bernegger speaks of: For example, the city of Zug is the first community in the world to offer residents the possibility of a digital identity, whereby personal information is secured using blockchain technologies. In addition, the Swiss private bank, Falcon, has made history with bitcoin services by directly offering cryptocurrencies to its customers, and has even installed a bitcoin cash machine in the lobby of its headquarters in Zurich.

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