CDR-Life inc.

CDR-Life inc.

Product categories: Antibody therapeutics / Cancer therapies / Retina disease therapies


CDR-Life was founded by the originators of brolucizumab. We make immunotherapies with a novel mode-of-action and a chance to transform the lives of people with incurable cancers.
Based on a proprietary trispecific technology, CDR-Life's Locate immunotherapies are predicted to be highly potent and cancer selective. In vitro, in vivo, and patient ex vivo data have shown Locate antibodies to be superior to Bites in multiple myeloma and to eradicate solid tumors in vivo. The Locate antibodies are highly producible and have a favorable pharmacokinetic profile.
CDR-Life is advancing preclinical programs in multiple myeloma, solid tumor, and retinal disease.


Contact: Christian Leisner, christian.leisner@cdr-life.com

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CDR-Life inc.

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