Export control in a nutshell

Navigating the jungle of laws, regulations and sanctions is a major challenge when it comes to the international distribution of goods. What is export control and what do you need to bear in mind? The guide linked below shows you the relevant steps in an understandable and practical way based on an example company.

Cargo ship in the harbour

A guide for lateral entry

The guide was drawn up by the University of Applied Sciences Chur as part of an Innosuisse project. The contents were developed based on the results of a quantitative survey and interviews with export companies. The guide aims to combine theory and practice and to present the complex topic of export control simply and clearly.

In addition to the basics of export control, the four ‘W’ questions (What is to be exported? Who is involved? Where are the goods or technologies to be exported? What will the goods or technologies be used for?) are examined in detail and a helpful inspection scheme is presented. This is followed by step-by-step instructions on how to successfully implement an Internal Compliance Program (ICP) in the company. The guide also helps companies to identify and successfully deal with potential risks at an early stage.

Download the guide now and benefit from step-by-step instructions and useful practical advice. In an interactive one-day workshop, SMEs can also have their operational risks assessed by PwC and receive a brief summary of the key findings. Take advantage of the special offer for SMEs now.

Do you have any questions?

ExportHelp will help you! The ExportHelp team of Switzerland Global Enterprise is the first port of call for Swiss and Liechtenstein SMEs for administrative export-related issues of any kind.


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