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Imported dairy products in China 2023

Chinese dairy products market overview in 2023 governance on imported dairy products safety in China

China has a huge consumer market with steadily growing purchasing power. Despite the decline in China’s overall dairy imports in the past two years, certain imported dairy products are expected to have big potential in the Chinese market. By first understanding the current situation and the regulatory framework of the Chinese dairy market, Swiss dairy producers and exporters can further expand their market share in China by leveraging their accumulated technological advantages in these popular categories in China.

Chinese diary products

The "Imported Dairy Products In China 2023" factsheet provides a clear overview of the Chinese dairy products market in terms of current market growth and trends, the situation of dairy products imports; and also explains the regulatory framework for China's imported dairy products safety management system with the aspects of the Management Procedures for Imported Dairy Products in China, the Major Laws and Regulations and the Special Rules on Dairy Products Import & Export, the China National Food Safety Standards and the Special Requirement.

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Imported dairy products in China 2023



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