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Comprehensive MedTech Report for Swiss SME’s in Latin America’s Largest Market

Nothing validates the seriousness of an intent as much as concrete measures. This is what is happening in Brazil’s Medtech sector - at fast pace - right now: the need to modernize and integrate the local healthcare system  led to the establishment of regulatory, legal and tax initiatives to boost the introduction of high-end technologies, offering a unique opportunity to foreign Medtech providers. This is the right time for Swiss technology to enter Brazil!


Brazil's healthcare market is the largest in Latin America and attracts new entrants in spite of the challenges to do business in the country.

Comprehensive report on Medtech in Brazil – and how Swiss suppliers can benefit

Download our report to learn about the current sector’s situation, the recent developments and trends, the regulatory environment, as well as the arising opportunities for Swiss companies. The report can be navigated through the hyperlinks in the summary and the shortcut on the bottom of each page, allowing the reader to choose only the desired topic.

In addition to the report, you can get more information in our recorded webinar. It focuses Swiss exporters’ attention to one of the largest medtech markets in the world, highlighting trends and opportunities, shedding light on the regulatory pathway and business models, and what to do (and what to avoid) when entering the Brazilian market.

Webinar: Brazil looks to Medtech solutions (05/21)


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