Legal Clarification

Legal Clarification

Prior examination of the legal, fiscal and regulatory specifics in the target market forms the basis for an optimal market entry. Our local attorneys will be happy to answer your questions.

We offer you the following services: 

  • Import / tax analysis

You find out more about the import and tax requirements in the target country to which you are exporting your product or service.

  • Regulatory requirements

You find out whether your product or service meets the regulatory requirements in the target country.

  • Intellectual property rights (IPR)

You can have your trademark, patents and copyrights protected before entering the market.

  • Establishing a subsidiary abroad

You can expand into new markets by establishing a branch office in the target country together with our legal experts. 

  • Clarification of labor law issues

You receive answers from local lawyers in our network on labor law issues such as employment contracts, social costs, income or dismissals.

  • Clarification of specific legal issues

You can have your specific legal question answered by a verified lawyer.

So that you can get off to a faster, more efficient and more secure start in a new market: We will use our know-how and network to help you realize your internationalization project.

Do you require a legal clarification?

Then make an appointment for a free and individual initial consulting session. Please feel free to contact us. 


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