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Our customers lend a face to the Swiss economy and represent many success stories. Together with them, we wish to strengthen Switzerland as a business location, promote the Swiss export economy and showcase opportunities abroad also to other SMEs.

Testimonial Kuhn Rikon


Thanks to Switzerland Global Enterprise, we found the ideal distribution partner on our joint business trip and now we can really get started in South Korea.

Goetz Winter
CEO, Louis Widmer SA

Thanks to Switzerland Global Enterprise, we received essential data and insights for strategically attacking the US market and rapidly gained foothold in this export market.

Cédric Morel
CEO, Sensile Technologies SA

Thanks to Switzerland Global Enterprise, many important doors were opened for us in the Ethiopian government. These contacts were very important for winning a contract to work on a major railway project and other projects as well.

Michele Molinari
CEO, Molinari Rail AG

Switzerland offers the world’s best financial and regulatory environment and consequentially the greatest level of protection for our customers’ bitcoins.

Wences Casares

Thanks to Switzerland Global Enterprise, we are moving closer to our customers in Germany with our payment solutions.

Andrej Vckovski
CEO, Netcetera AG

The top two markets for life sciences are clearly in the US and Switzerland.

Nima Farzan
CEO and President, PaxVax

Thanks to Switzerland Global Enterprise, we were able to review the potential of the target markets of Japan and Mexico and to develop our export strategy.

Tobias Gerfin
CEO, Kuhn Rikon AG

In Zurich we find highly qualified, internationally experienced specialists for our team, a major factor in our business.

Jan Valentin
Managing Director, KAYAK Europe GmbH

Thanks to Switzerland Global Enterprise, we are able to dedicate ourselves entirely to the customer when we attend trade shows, and leave the organization to the professionals.

Arnold Furtwaengler
CEO, Wander AG

MSA employees and visitors from around the world can travel to and from Rapperswil-Jona with great ease, which has been very beneficial to our business.

Ronald N. Herring
President, MSA Europe GmbH


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