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Customer feedback makes our product better: we launched our matchmaking platform two years ago and are constantly developing it, resulting in a range of new features for you to improve your international business.

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The matchmaking service from S-GE was launched in October 2018 and has been available and live for you since then. It has also been in continuous development. We have been regularly collecting customer feedback to feed into our on-going work and we are very grateful to all who have participated in this.

As launched, the platform had a focus on providing new business opportunities from France, Canada and Middle East region. It also lets you find offers of support through professional services (experts) relevant to you, the Swiss cleantech companies – creating value for you being the registered users of the Cleantech CUBE platform.

We have big plans for what this can deliver in the future

Based on the feedback we collected from you we have been busy making changes to respond to the issues you have highlighted. We don’t have all the answers yet though over the last few months extensive work has been completed to provide a whole new experience and new content

You can expect to find the following new features when you visit the site:

  • Offers from more countries – Germany, Italy and Austria have been added to the existing list of Canada and France (and partially Middle East)
  • A new tab to match with your individual profile as well as to your company profile (please update your individual preferences to get a better match to your personal interests)
  • Improved navigation and search logic to make it easier to use the “Advanced Search” options
  • Business opportunities now have a link to the original source and a version of the offer in the original language of publication is available
  • Overall performance improvements

We are very pleased with these changes and we hope you will find them good too, but it’s your opinion that is the most important so I’d like to hear back from you please – drop me a mail to davery@s-ge.com or give me a call and let me know what you like, what you don’t like, what needs changing and what you’d like to see in future updates.


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Based on the feedback we collected from you we have been busy making changes to respond to the issues you have highlighted.

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