Export sentiment at SMEs better than ever

SME Export Outlook Q1 2018

The sentiment at export-oriented Swiss SMEs has reached a new record level since the start of the survey back in 2010. According to the latest survey on export sentiment by Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE), around 62% of all SMEs expect exports also to rise further in the first quarter of 2018. The positive trend of the previous year is thus continuing. The Credit Suisse Export Barometer that once again lies well within the growth zone offers a similarly positive picture. Credit Suisse expects export growth of 4% for 2018 on the back of broad-based industry growth in Europe and the US. The outlook for currency effects is also positive: Swiss SMEs are benefiting from both a stronger euro and higher inflation in the key sales markets.

SME Export Outlook

As Sascha Jucker, Credit Suisse economist says: “The export prospects for 2018 are excellent. The Credit Suisse Export Barometer is at a higher level than in the boom years from 2004 to 2007. We expect the appreciation of the euro also to continue in 2018. That and higher inflation in the key sales markets will additionally help to strengthen the competitiveness of Swiss SMEs.”

Alberto Silini, Head of Consulting at Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE), adds: “Export sentiment at record levels reflects the outstanding underlying situation for Swiss SMEs. Above all the MEM industry can hope for a strong upturn after having suffered greatly in recent years. Germany remains by far the most important sales market for Swiss exporters. Having said this, the excellent prospects now also offer SMEs an ideal opportunity to discover new markets.”

Video statements (in German) on current export sentiment by Sascha Jucker, Credit Suisse economist, and Alberto Silini, Head of Consulting at Switzerland Global Enterprise:

The SME Export Outlook for the second quarter of 2018 will be published on 12 April 2018.



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