.swiss: online presence with a distinctive home

If your company is active in highly competitive markets and/or a difficult currency environment, the right online presence can help you to stand out from international competition and put you in a profitable position.
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If it’s Swiss, make it .swiss.

Internet addresses with the .swiss domain offer export-oriented Swiss companies a chance to immediately identify where they are from and exploit the connection to the brand “Swiss”. .swiss clearly shows its qualities and provides a unique selling proposition in the international market environment.

.swiss gets to the heart of where you are from

.swiss addresses are exclusively issued by the Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM) to organisations with a genuine connection to Switzerland. It is possible to apply for addresses with company names, brands, product names or slogans. Early acquisition of the corresponding internet address is essential for product developments and new slogans. There must be an objective connection between the applicant and the name applied for. A .swiss internet domain cannot be copied by the international competition.

Exclusive .swiss addresses have many advantages for Swiss companies:

  • Like the internationally recognised “Swiss” brand, .swiss stands for quality, precision and innovation.

  • .swiss clearly shows both the domestic and international markets where you are from and your cultural roots.

.swiss addresses are in demand. Over 15,000 addresses were issued to Swiss organisations in the 10 months between the launch and July 2016. Become part of Switzerland’s new digital identity and secure your .swiss address. Create a space for your online presence in Switzerland's new digital home.

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