Explore Industry 4.0

This infographic “Explore Industry 4.0” is a dynamic visualization of the topic of Industry 4.0 and shows how it influences exporting Swiss SMEs’ business, as Industry 4.0 changes the value creation chain, cross-border collaboration and the way companies create value for their customers.

Explore Industry 4.0
Explore Industry 4.0

Click on the buzzwords around Industry 4.0 to learn what they mean. Then click on the areas within Enterprise to explore how they affect your company, and click on the fields around Market see what questions may arise in the context of your international business ventures – and how we at S-GE can help you answer them.

There are countless buzzwords surrounding the topic of the fourth industrial revolution. While this infographic is by no means exhaustive, we have selected the keywords people in Switzerland search for most frequently.

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