Cleantech Projects in Türkiye

Success Stories & Outlook 

The growing demand for sustainable energy solutions in Türkiye presents Swiss companies with a range of opportunities to enter the country's promising cleantech sector. In our booklet we provide you with some examples of Swiss companies that have already successfully seized this very opportunity. 

Solar panels in Eastern Türkiye

Sustainability has become a governmental priority in Türkiye. With the ratification of the European Green Deal, but not limited to, Türkiye has drawn a roadmap to realize sustainable goals and ambitions throughout all sectors. Whereas the implementation of technology and innovation to mitigate climate change has become pivotal. The increasing interest in Cleantech is also remarkable in the private sector, especially in terms of alternative energy and efficient energy use. This delivers new opportunities for Swiss Cleantech companies. 

In our booklet you will find success stories about Swiss companies which successfully entered the cleantech market in Türkiye. Furthermore, we provide you with an outlook of the cleantech sector within the country and potential market entry opportunities for Swiss companies.


Cleantech Projects in Türkiye : Success Stories & Outlook



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