Fact Sheet

Energy Efficiency in Indonesia

Business Opportunities for Swiss Cleantech Companies 

Indonesia is expected to become the eighth largest economy globally by 2030 – or the fourth largest based on Purchasing Power Parity (PPP). With around 275 million inhabitants, the country has experienced continuous economic growth at around five to six percent annually over the last ten years. Hand in hand with this positive economic development is rising energy demand, especially of the industry.

Green infrastructure

Our factsheet provides a concise overview of the energy market in Indonesia and related business opportunities for Swiss SMEs active in the cleantech industry. 

What you can expect to find in this factsheet: 

  • A market overview
  • Specific business opportunities per sector
  • Market challenges
  • Stakeholder map 
  • Suggestions for a successful approach to the market



Energy Efficiency in Indonesia: Business Opportunities for Swiss Cleantech Companies


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